Real Estate

Buyers and Sellers

At the Harris & Murphy, LLP, we know that buying or selling real estate can be a tricky and sometimes intimidating experience. Don’t risk it alone. Having an experienced Real Estate Attorney representing your interests can make all the difference. 

Our Office can handle your transaction from the Offer stage through the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the Title Search and right up to the closing. 

Remember, whether you are buying or selling, the time to get your lawyer involved is before you sign anything! Offer letters and P&S Agreements are legally binding documents and you can be held to their terms!  Have our experienced Real Estate lawyers looking out for your interests!

Mortgage Lenders

Harris & Murphy, LLP has conducted thousands of purchase and re-finance transactions for numerous mortgage Lenders. Our prompt and service-oriented approach has won praise from our many Lender clients. Our lawyers travel throughout Massachusetts to make closings convenient for our clients. We think you’ll find that client satisfaction is our highest priority!

Condominium Conversions

Many clients find that their multi-family homes are a better investment if converted into condominiums. At the Harris Law Office, we have assisted many homeowners through the condo conversion process. We can help in drafting the necessary legal documents for converting your multi-family property to condominium status. We can also refer you to professionals who will provide the required surveys and plans. The process may be easier than you think.